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Welcome to femalepatternbaldness.com. Here we discuss in detail a major problem seen in women — pattern baldness. In this case women see thinning of their hair which is a bit different from the pattern baldness as seen in men. Women suffer from the problem usually after menopause though it can occur even in teenage. It may be due to some illness, hormonal imbalance or some disease. However, heredity is the main cause of female pattern baldness in most cases. Women often go for various methods including hair transplantation and follicular unit transplantation in the case of hair loss.

Normally women tend to lose around 100-125 hairs per day, which is normal. Women approach a dermatologist when they see more hair fall than this. In female pattern baldness hair starts thinning over the top and front of the head. It is seen that the hair loss may genetically come from the family of either father or mother.

Female pattern baldness can also occur after pregnancy. In some cases it is seen after discontinuation of birth control pills. It is often accompanied by other signs of hormonal imbalance like excess facial and body hair.

Female pattern baldness is caused by the presence of a male hormone called testosterone in female body. Testosterone is caused by androgen hormone. It is a known fact some women are more sensitive to this hormone than others. This sensitivity causes thinning of hair on their scalp.

In the case of hair fall self-diagnosis is not a good idea. This is because women have a less obvious pattern of baldness. Diagnosis should be done by a trained and experienced surgeon only.

After a proper diagnosis by the physician, the patient should go through a proper treatment. Often the patient is administered Rogaine. Aldactone is another medicine that can help many women, especially those having hair fall after menopause. However it takes months to have some effect on hair. Hair transplantation is a popular surgical method used in the case of female pattern baldness.