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Female pattern baldness can cause a lot of mental trauma to a woman. It is caused by many reason like heredity. It has many psychological aspects in women. A hair transplantation surgeon is the person to contact in the case of female pattern baldness. However it is seen that finding a good surgeon often takes a lot of time and effort.

The selection of a qualified and experienced surgeon is very much important since he/she is the one the result of the hair transplantation surgery depends on. The patient should look for contact information of a good surgeon in various resources like Yellow Pages, Internet and references. Getting a feedback from a person who has a first hand experience with the surgeon is very useful.

Before meeting the surgeon preparation is necessary. It is useful to prepare the list of questions to ask the surgeon. It is better to write down all the queries to be asked during the counseling session.

After finding the contact details of a good surgeon the woman suffering from female pattern baldness should go and consult him/her. She should tell him/her everything about her problem. Trying to hide any information from the surgeon is not a good idea since he /she must be aware about the background to make a well informed diagnosis of the female pattern baldness. The patient should not feel embarrassment in discussing the problem in detail.

The surgeon will tell the patient everything about her problem and will suggest the treatment suitable in her case. The patient will be informed enough about her problem and the various hair restoration methods to make the right decision about the suitable treatment.

The patient should tell the physician about all the medicine she is taking. If she is going through any alternative medication it should be informed to the surgeon. If she has gone through some blood test the report of the same should be provided to the surgeon. It will help in determining if she is suffering from any type of disease like Hepatitis or HIV. It will also determine the state of her general health.

During the counseling the surgeon will discuss in detail all the factors leading to hair loss. He/she will first study the hair of the patient with examination of texture and color of hair. The surgeon will study the patient's scalp as well. He/she will also ask questions about the history of hair in the patient's family.

During the counseling with the physician the patient will be told about all the hair restoration methods in brief. The patient will be told about the advantages and disadvantages of all of them and the time to be taken, and their costs as well. The surgeon will also inform the patient about the possible side effects of the treatments.