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Women lose their hair for various reasons. The causes can vary from case to case. Heredity is normally the main reason for female pattern baldness in many cases. Sometimes some medication, pregnancy or stress can also cause hair fall in women. In some cases women also suffer from localized hair loss or sudden hair fall. In the case of female pattern baldness women often go for hair transplantation.

Hair follicle and hair shaft are two parts of hair. A protein called keratin is the main component of hair. Each strand of hair has three layers. The innermost layer also known as modula is present in large thick hair. Cortex is the middle layer of hair. It provides both strength and color and texture of hair. Cuticle is the outer layer of hair which works as protector of the cortex.

The structure of the hair follicle includes dermal papilla, which is based at the bottom and carries nourishment that is necessary for the production of a new hair. A hair follicle covers hair root.

Androgens regulate hair growth and may cause the hair follicle to get progressively smaller and hair to become finer in people who are genetically predisposed to female pattern baldness.

The structure of the hair follicle is in the form of a sac from where a strand of hair grows. It is the place where sebaceous glands open into. The growth of hair follicle is due to packing of old cells together. Sebum-producing sebaceous gland is attached to the hair follicle. These glands are not found on the palms, lips and soles of the feet.

Arrector pili, a tiny bundle of muscle fiber, is also attached to hair follicles. It is responsible for causing the follicle and hair to become more perpendicular to the surface of the skin. Hair follicle has the growth rate of .04 cm per day.

Dermal papilla is a small structure based at the root of the structure of the hair follicle. It is made up of connective tissues and a capillary loop. Hair matrix, a construction around papilla, is a collection of epithelial cells often interspersed with melanocytes. Here cell division is responsible for the cells that form the major structures of the hair fibre and the inner root sheath.

There are two regions in the structure of the hair follicle. Hair bulb is found inside hair follicle and it produces the long fine cylinder of a hair.

There is continuous production of new cells in the lower part of the hair bulb. When a hair bulb grows it steadily pushes the previously formed cells upwards. When a new cell reaches the upper part of the bulb it arranges itself into six cylindrical layers. In the process the three layers of a cell based in inner side become the actual hair.

Special cells present in the hair bulb produce a pigment, called melanin, which is responsible for the color of hair. These cells are called melanocytes.