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Female pattern baldness can have a really bad impact on the psychological state of a woman. It is embarrassing for her and can affect her personal and social life. In this case women go for treatments like hair transplantation.

There are many reasons for female pattern baldness. The reasons include an injury, disease and some medication though heredity is the main cause. In fact it can be said that heredity is responsible in almost 90% cases of female pattern baldness. It is seen that if there is a history of baldness in a family then there are more chances of a woman suffering from the problem.

In one study it was found out that almost 20% of woman in the US suffer from female pattern baldness. The cases of female pattern baldness in women are often seen before or after menopause.

The male hormone androgen is responsible for pattern baldness both in men and women. The hormone has more presence in men than in women. That is the reason why there are more cases of male pattern baldness compared to female pattern baldness. The hormone present in a woman is responsible for the female pattern baldness. However, if a woman is suffering from baldness it doesn't mean that it is due to the presence of the hormone only. In fact it also depends on how sensitive the body of the women is to the hormone.

It is often seen that there is a certain difference in the way of male and female pattern baldness. In female pattern baldness there are three patterns of hair loss. In one pattern there is thinning of hair on the central scalp on the top of the scalp. In another pattern there is thinning of hair and patches of greater scalp hair loss.

The last pattern of female baldness sees hair loss at the front of the scalp to mid-scalp. However, in spite of this kind of hair loss it is rare to see complete male pattern "cue-ball" baldness in a woman. It is very different from pattern baldness as seen in men as in male pattern baldness hair starts thinning from the temples above the forehead and crown and there is more fall of hair compared to women.

In the case of female pattern baldness women start to see hair fall in their 20s or in the beginning of menopause. In the cases of female pattern baldness hair can shed from all over the head and there is thinning of hair as well. The hair fall is not seen from the front hair line of head in this case. This is different from the case of male pattern baldness in which thinning and shedding of hair starts from the temples. There is also more hair loss in the case of male pattern baldness.